Forthcoming: Patel, K. (2020) Politics of Expertise: Culture, Work and Inequalities. Rowman & Littlefield.

Journal articles

Naudin, A. and Patel, K. (2017) Entangled Expertise: Women’s use of Social Media in Cultural Work. European Journal of Cultural Studies [ahead of print]. [Pre-print PDF]

Book chapters

Ashton, D. and Patel, K. (2018) Vlogging Careers: Everyday Expertise, Collaboration and Authenticity in S. Taylor and S. Luckman, eds. The ‘New Normal’ of Working Lives: Critical Studies in Contemporary Work and Employment. Palgrave Macmillan, 147-170. [Pre-print PDF]

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Patel, K and Naudin, A. (2018) Diversity and Cultural Leadership in the West Midlands: A report for the West Midlands Leadership Commission

Selected talks and conference presentations


‘Safe’ spaces? Challenges for women makers of colour online. Presented at CAMEo Leicester, 6 September 2019. [PDF]


Addressing ‘diversity’ and social justice in the craft sector. Presented at CAMEo Leicester, 12 September 2018. [PDF]

‘Craft was just something everyone did’: Experiences of BAME women in the artisanal economy. Presented at Artisan! UWE Bristol, 11 September 2018. [PDF]

The return of the ‘Brewsters’ – women craft drinks producers and narratives of expertise. Presented at ICA, Prague, 26 May 2018. [PDF]

Beauty vlogging, intermediaries and the labour of performing expertise. Presented at Media Industries Conference, King’s College London, 18-20 April 2018. [PDF]


Staging expertise on social media. Presented at CAMEo Mediating Cultural Work: Texts, Objects and Politics, University of Leicester, 6-8 September 2017.

What is Expertise in Cultural Work? Presented at London Conference of Critical Thought, London South Bank University, 30 June 2017. [PDF]

Signalling Expertise and Cultural Labour. Presented at ICA, San Diego, 29 May 2017. [PDF]]


Cultural labour, social media and expertise: the experiences of female artists. Presented at ECREA Prague, 12 Nov 2016 [PDF]


Patel, K (2017) The Politics of Expertise in Cultural Labour. [Download from Ethos]